Godelieve van Eekelen

Transformational coaching

Life is like riding a bicycle…

Hi, I’m Godelieve, professional changemaker and personal empowerment peddler. I love bicycles – not just because I’m Dutch. As a transformational coach, my work is all about motion. In life we all lose our balance at some point or another, and it’s usually because we’ve stopped moving. Perhaps we’ve lost sight of where we’re going. Perhaps we’ve lost the motivation to keep pedaling. Perhaps something or someone is blocking our route. I guide my clients to get those wheels moving again. Already got your drive and momentum? Then it’s time to pick up the pace. Destination: the top of your game.

A great career. A fulfilling social and family life. Prioritizing yourself. If my services were a prescription medicine, these would be the side effects. We’ll work together to uncover your true passions and desires, ask powerful questions, set exciting challenges, establish life-changing goals and broaden your horizons. No tools, no judgment, no “help” or advice – just you, me and your future. Let’s ride!

How it works

Let’s start with a free, noncommittal Skype or phone consultation. If you feel we’re a good match after our 30-minute chat, let’s start our journey together.

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, the hour-long sessions are tailored to you. We can meet face to face in Berlin or face to face through our computer screens (Skype or FaceTime). Coaching does not have to go on forever – unless you want it to. Like an uphill cycling challenge, it’s not easy. But the satisfying view from the top promotes a strong lifestyle change that’ll last long after our sessions have ended.


Life on my own terms

I’ve been there. Life’s twists, turns and no-through-roads. I completely changed my career twice – from film production to recruitment, then from corporate international talent acquisition to coaching. I’ve always wanted to do something I liked, but like everything, that’s subject to change. I’m not here to tell you how to live the perfect life, because nobody can possibly know the answer. I’m not here to tell you anything, in fact. What I do know, however, is that the perfection of life’s journey is in the striving. Ultimately, everything you need is in YOU.

After moving from Amsterdam to Berlin in 2012, my partner and I had three kids in as many years. I didn’t work for six years! Getting back into the workforce has been a long process. I had always organized my life around my work; now I do the opposite. These days, there’s so much pressure to have it all: a family, fun and success. That can be tricky, unless your work is your passion. I have many passions, but when I let go of all expectations and stopped overthinking, my intuition told me that coaching was my calling (much to the disappointment of my friends, who always half expected me to become a comedian someday!). The joy comes from guiding my clients to their full potential; watching them create a life on their own terms, just as I did.

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Ask me anything

Please get in touch with your questions, or to book your free consultation. Cycling anecdotes are also welcome. Fill out the contact form below or send me an email: